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Written by Ilyes Gouta

What's This?

LiveCam is a Qt based application written primarily for Linux to enable end-users to stream video from V4L2 compliant webcams. You can take  live snapshots which can be saved in JPEG and also save live video sequences in the MPEG-1. The latest feature is made possible thanks to the open source FFmpeg library. The program was initially developed to support the Linux kernel device driver development for webcams based on the ALi M5602 and M5603C USB 2.0 bridges.

How to get it working?

Just plug your webcam into the USB port and fire up the program. It will detect your cam and ask you to select one of the available (and supported) capture formats after negotiation with the device. Once done, it will continuously stream the video from the cam and get it displayed on your desktop. The latest step involves a software based color conversion if the said webcam doesn't support the 32bit RGB pixel format.

Where to get it?

You can download your copy of LiveCam from here. LiveCam is "entirely (C) 2006-2007, Ilyes Gouta." and is released under the terms of the GPL  license.

How to get the source code?

The main repository is located on Just point your SVN client to to check-out your working copy. Please notice that this is the main development branch so that you may find a non stable version of LiveCam or even a completely non compilable form. However that branch will always reflect the latest version of the software. Stable versions or feature complete (for that version) will be found on

Who made it?

This program was brought to you by Ilyes Gouta. You can contact me by e-mail at this address: ilyes dot gouta at gmail dot com. Ilyes Gouta currently lives in Sousse and works in Tunis. Both are towns from Tunisia (more information here and here).

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